The experience makes the difference; our company was created in 1990 in France!

Quality Price ServiceWarranty – Certification Qualification Experience.
We use only the thicker membrane on the market.
Our glossy finish membrane is high reflective quality.
We offer 200 colors and 6 textures to choose from:
(Matte – Satin – Lacquer – Translucent Perforated – Suede)
Our stretch ceilings have excellent thermal and acoustic properties and will last a lifetime, which makes them a good investment.

We install ONLY European membrane, not the toxic, cheapest and smelly one.
Batica Renov Company has elaborated his own stretch ceiling installation system with significantly upgraded stretch ceiling techniques.
The ceiling is not always a square room of 4 angles / 200 sqf, so when it’s much larger surfaces with a lot of difficulties, it is at that moment that we recognize a professional.
We are licensed and insured.
We have been Certified Stretch Ceiling Installer since 1990.
Batica-Renov USA in Florida since 2014..
We can show you REAL pictures of our job ( not the one Buying on internet).
We have the real proven satisfied customer.
We have installed over 1.500.000 Sqf of Stretch Ceiling and counting…
We started out in the Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach areas and now serving Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and Gainesville. Since then, We have established a real good network with general contractors, designers, architects and property owners.

Tampa Stretch Ceiling
Tampa Stretch ceiling Black glossy
Tampa reflective stretch ceiling
Tampa white vinyl membrane mirror
Tampa Mirror stretch ceiling USA