Tampa French modern ceiling

Stretch Ceiling Tampa

Naturally, when you enter a room, your eyes first focus on the furniture and floor.
With a mirror lacquered membrane, everybody will notice your ceiling right away
and their first reaction will be: ”WHAT AN AWESOME CEILING” !!!

In 1967, a big company in France had the idea to create the technology of Stretch Ceilings.
To realize this idea, a decision was made to replace the heavy fabric of the ancestral period with a very thin and perfect polychloride vinyl film manufacturing technology stretchable and to be installed to a special track.The Stretch ceiling System or also named “The French Ceiling” is a real simple concept with 2 basic component: a track fixed onto your wall below your actual ceiling and a vinyl membrane stretched from wall to wall. This amazing product was elaborated in France since 40 years ago and its worldwide widespread.
The main advantage of using Batica-Renov Stretch Ceiling is the end result: a beautiful smooth surface that can elegantly accent any « décor ».

The Stretch Ceiling System is the perfect component for any new construction, renovation, interior design project. It can help cover uneven or damaged ceilings and hide wires, pipes and ducts.
The Stretch Ceiling System is easy to clean and quick to install without removing your furniture. Being mildew, mold and fungus resistant, it is an excellent moisture barrier, quite suitable for humid climats.
It does not suffer from condensation and will never crack, flake or peel and will not require any painting either.
Installed easily and quickly, sometimes the same day it will depends of the size of the room, with many advantages: Hygienic, non-flammable, washable, 100% airtight, acoustic.
We use only the ORIGINAL method of Stretch Ceiling, your membrane will be removable and reassembled the same day and as many times it will be necessary for your convenience or your contractor if needed.

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